A Trail

A Trail was the first of our 4x4 trails to be completed and was build in order to give us access to remote areas on the farm. We however quickly realized that the trail can only be done with a 4x4 vehicle and that is where it all started.

The trail winds through mountains with lots of Klipspringer curiously looking on as you snake back and forth on a couple of switchbacks.

Grade: 3

Length: 20 km

Duration : Depending on vehicle number and driver experience I can take 2 vehicles 2 - 4 hours to get through, add time for more vehicles, sightseeing stops or picnic stops.


  • 4x4 vehicle with good ground clearance and

  • Low range with either diff lock or traction control

  • 2 or more vehicles as there is no mobile signal

  • Water for drinking, it is a desert after all.

  • Recovery gear is therefore adviseable

We have done the trail with stock vehicles such as Hilux and Rangers, but with stock vehicles guidance from outside the vehicle is needed on the bigger obstacles to avoid damage.