B Trail

Granite and sand. After finishing A trail I would push the boundaries a bit more and B trail was born.

B trail takes off where A trail ends and can be done in conjuction with A trail. B trail manages to up the ante a little bit without going out of reach of all unmodified vehicles.

Grade: 3

Length: 6 km

Duration : Depending on vehicle number and driver experience it can take 2 vehicles 1 - 2 hours to get through, add time for more vehicles.


  • 4x4 vehicle with good ground clearance and Low range with either diff lock or traction control

  • 2 or more vehicles as there is no mobile signal

  • Recovery gear is therefore adviseable

We have done the trail with stock vehicles such as Hilux and Rangers, but even more ground clearance is needed than on A trail. It is adviseable to do A trail before doing B trail and use the experience as a guage.

Guidance from outside the vehicle is needed on the bigger obstacles to avoid damage.